MediqAid is devel­op­ing a mech­a­nism to timely inform Ambu­lance oper­a­tors and their per­son­nel on most if not all para­me­ters con­cern­ing the Health sta­tus of the patient to be trans­ported such that the ser­vice to be pro­vided by ambu­lances can gain sig­nif­i­cantly in quality.

Some con­text to the above.

  • Hos­pi­tals process patients. When patients are done being processed, or need to con­tinue their pro­cess­ing else­where, they are dis­charged from a hospital.
  • Then patients need to be trans­ported. If they can’t or should not organ­ise this them­selves, the sys­tem organ­ises non urgent trans­port through ambu­lance services.
  • As a mat­ter of fact the dis­charch­ing process trans­fer­ring a patient into an ambu­lance is cur­rently a com­bi­na­tion of paper­form based and addi­tional oral interchange.

Our assump­tion for the above is that a large part of the cur­rent han­dover can be reor­gan­ised sup­ported by mak­ing avail­able dig­i­tal information.

For Bel­gium any Med­ical His­tory or cur­rent sta­tus infor­ma­tion on a patient should be even­tu­ally stored centrally.

To allow Ambu­lances to move into the dig­i­tal world, it would be very use­ful to have an ambu­lance spe­cific view on the Health record of the patient that comes under their care dur­ing transport.

Dur­ing the Hackathon a small team devel­oped a pro­to­type mobile appli­ca­tion for Tablets to show­case such a view:


Fol­low­ing the Hackathon using the material’s log­i­cal out­come MediqAid pro­poses a stan­dard­ised view Patient2Ambulance and the use of MediqID to quickly check out (the hos­pi­tal) and check in (the ambulance).

The MediqID mech­a­nism takes care of both generic and spe­cific needs com­ing from all stake­hold­ers in the Health­Care sector.

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