Lots of Health data is cre­ated dur­ing the inter­ac­tion Health Care (HC) pro­fes­sion­als have with cit­i­zens, in this con­text known as patients.

Each HC Pro took note of cur­rent sit­u­a­tion in which patient exist, and from that diag­no­sis stip­u­lates a ‘get-​better’ path, which may include treat­ment and med­ica­tion. These notes stayed mostly with this HC pro, some­times was shared with other HC pros or trans­lated into a work­load for nurses or assistants.

Today all these notes from all these HC pros can be col­lected within a cen­tralised mech­a­nism and dis­sem­mi­nated fol­low­ing strict rules to pro­tect the patient, and some­times also the pro.

Most of the Per­sonal Health Records are for HC pros, and leave the owner of that data — the patient — ignorant.

Howo­ever nowa­days it becomes pos­si­ble to bring PHR closed to the citizen.

MediqAid agrees to that.

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