This is a life­sav­ing com­mu­nity for those under­stand­ing that every minute counts. That is, after an acci­dent, it is para­mount to get med­ical assis­tance in the short­est time pos­si­ble. Get­ting informed swift med­ical assis­tance has now been made possible.

Each and every­one should carry with him/​her a device with which life­sav­ing per­sonal med­ical data can be reached.

Would you please help us bet­ter iden­tify the infor­ma­tion need?

Check out this link: Ques­tion­aire (Eng­lish).

You’re of course invited to Join the Community!

What if you’re not afraid or both­ered about your­self sud­denly being the cen­ter of a med­ical emergency?

We believe you can always join and opt out later.

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