This startup aims to solve the prob­lem of peo­ple that find them­selves in a urgent state of med­ical need, whilst not being able to share their per­sonal & med­ical details.

MediqAid will pro­vide the aid worker with all nec­es­sary details to iden­tify the patient, and gives access to the patients’ med­ical record and ICE-​information to assist to swift and cor­rect diag­noses, assur­ing opti­mal med­ical assis­tance. It can also trig­ger the call for pro­fes­sional assis­tance and assist in inform­ing next of kin using infor­ma­tion from the In Case of Emer­gency (ICE) records

MediqAid aims to deploy NFC tech­nol­ogy. Each NFC based iden­ti­fier, the so called MediqAid sticker, will con­tain basic med­ical infor­ma­tion, plus point­ers to a secure pri­vacy enhanced cloud­based data­s­tore. Next to stick­ers we con­sider deploy­ing MediqAid bracelets.
For this to work you and I should be mem­ber of the world­wide MediqAid Com­mu­nity. Each indi­vid­ual should deploy at least one MediqAid sticker/​bracelet, and keep it close to their body.
We will pro­vide a mobile smart­phone applet for any­one via which the med­ical details of the patient can be accessed, at all times respect­ing the pri­vacy constraints.

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